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Chinese Wall of Ants - New wasp species protects its progeny with dead ants [2014-07-04]
Recently, a new wasp species with a unique nest-construction behavior was discovered in South-Eas...
A Protocol for Species Delineation of Public DNA Databases was developed by Chao-Dong ZHU’s lab and published on-line in Systematic Biology [2014-06-16]
Public DNA databases are composed of data from many different taxa. However, the taxonomic annota...
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Academic Report: Fig trees and fig wasps: the importance of being cooperative [2014-05-04]
Academic Report: Elevation gradients and the maintenance of bird species di... [2014-04-18]
Academic Report: The regulatory and functional landscape of RNA editing in ... [2014-04-09]
Academic Report: Mesozoic mammals of Russia and adjacent territories [2013-12-03]
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Zoological systematics was the major scientific activities when the Institute of Zoology (IOZ) was established, for the predecessor of IOZ was the Fan Memorial Institute of Biology established in 1928. It mainly focused on animal collection and classification. The Key Laboratory of Zoological Systematics has been gradually growing up on the base of the Musée de Zi- Ka- wei,
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Group of Systematics and Evolution of Aphids
Group of Co-evolution and Molecular Systematics
Group of Morphology and Evolution of Beetles
Group of Invertebrate Zoology
Group of Cicadas
Group of Lepidoptera Systematics
Group of Identification & Management of Invasive Alien Species
Group of Ornithological Research
Group of Molecular Systematics and Evolution of Beetles
Group of Mammalogy
Group on Evolution of Functional Insect Groups
Group of Computational and Evolutionary Genomics
Fish Evolution and Genomics Group
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